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Why Warna Cemerlang

Tutoring Programmes

Tutoring programmes accessible anywhere

With online tuition students can now attend top tutoring programmes anywhere with an internet connection, a desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone. Learning opportunities are no longer limited by what is best in the neighbourhood

Personalised Coaching Session

personalised coaching session

This is a personalised coaching session with the options of one to one or together with a few other students to ensure quality and 1-1 attention given to each student. Duration per session varies from 1-1.5 hours

Safe & Save Travelling Time

stay safe & save travelling time

With the hectic schedule of modern families, travelling to drop off and pick up children from tuition centres can be challenging for working parents. With online tuition, students will be able to focus on their lessons from the comfort of their home and most important of all, stay safe

Interactive Teaching

interactive teaching method

Some subjects can be tricky, and we totally know the right way to find the answers. Our tutor will share the tricks and tips with you using the interactive whiteboard. This can be also done by providing the lessons in the form of visuals, interactive questions, and practical exercises in order to make lessons exciting and memorable

Learning continues after live classes

  • Homework marking

  • Individual review by tutor

  • Monthly parent report

Learning Continues
Personalised Coaching Session

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Personalised Coaching Session to Ensure Full Attention


What is Warna Cemerlang Live Online Tutoring?​


We offer a live online tutoring platform for students to learn from dedicated tutors, through live interactive classes, from the comforts of home. It’s flexible, hassle-free and convenient, as students can learn from the comfort of their homes, anytime.

What classes do you currently offer?


Warna Cemerlang currently offers subjects for PT3, SPM and IGCSE. Check out our list of classes

How do you interact with the tutor during lesson?


During a live online lesson, students can see the tutor’s teaching via screen sharing, ask questions in real time via chat box or voice. Tutor will be able to demonstrate the teaching flow via virtual whiteboard to ensure students understand the workflow of the lessons.

Do you give lesson notes and homework?


Yes, lesson notes and homework will be uploaded by our tutors prior to the scheduled lesson. Students will also submit homework online to get tutors’ feedback on our platform.

Online Tuition Class Malaysia

We are Warna Cemerlang, and we uphold our principle, then establish it through our course of actions to help all students regardless of their background. We handle the online tuition class Malaysia-based professionally. Our tutors have been over several years of cumulative experience we have gathered as tutors. It means our tutors are not just aware of the subjects but also give the pupils an insight into what to expect from these exams.

We can assist students to elaborate on how to answer all types of questions on paper or in an online mode of examination. The tutors at our online tuition class will open their dimensions and give them a broader perspective of the subject beyond just what is in the printed word. 

We are taking giant strides in offering a unique online tuition class Malaysia-based for students who seek clarity in their lessons. Hence, we provide notes for each lesson and upload them so that the student takes time to read and assimilate whatever they have learned. 

We are keen on offering exemplary online tuition Malaysia-based, and our pursuit has been systematic. Our teams work round the clock in preparing the students ahead of PT3, IGCSE, or IELTS. It has helped our students to be ready for the exams well in advance. There would be mock tests at a specific frequency so that no one misses them.